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Using Prime&Bond Elect®: Selective-Etch

Selective-Etch With Precision

When selective-etching at the enamel-dentin junction, avoiding the risk of sensitivity on dentin is a top priority. Using Prime&Bond Elect® with Caulk® 34% Tooth Conditioner Gel in a selective-etch application gives you excellent application control at the enamel-dentin junction.

When working in a Class II restoration, Prime&Bond Elect® lets you choose whether to use etchant on dentin or cut enamel, and provides incredibly high bond strength to dentin in deep Class II restorations, as well as creating a tight seal at the enamel margin.

Clinical Situations:

  • Direct Restorations (all cavity classes)
  • Uninstrumented Enamel
  • Indirect Inlay/Onlay Cementation *

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*Mix with self-cure activator.

Introductory kits, unit-dose multipacks, tooth conditioner gel and needle tips.

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