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Using Prime&Bond Elect®: Total-Etch

Total-Etch With Strength

When performing a total-etch procedure, if the etchant is left on dentin for too long or if the tooth is over-dried after the rinse step, a porous hybrid layer can be formed. This incomplete penetration is unsuitable for long-term bonding and may create patient sensitivity. It is important to remember to etch for no more than 15 seconds to avoid these issues.

Prime&Bond Elect®, built on the chemistry of Prime&Bond®NT™, helps eliminate these risk factors and is ideal in clinical situations where there is a large amount of enamel, such as veneer placement. With a total-etch application, Prime&Bond Elect® creates a strong bond on both enamel and dentin.

Clinical Situations:

  • Indirect Veneer Cementation
  • Small or Shallow Direct Restorations
  • Direct Veneers
  • Class V Restorations

Image Key

Introductory kits, unit-dose multipacks, tooth conditioner gel and needle tips.

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